Research & Development

With its vast experience and passion, our R&D team is ready to help you develop your formulations or provide professional advice when needed.

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Our expertise lies in developing formulas for skin care products, body care, sun care and make-up foundations. Because each of our customers is unique and needs different kinds of support, we provide a wide range of services.

Types of cooperation

Contract manufacturing

Scale-up and production of your existing formulation.

Custom formulation
Existing product development (EPD):

Further development of our already existing base formulations and adjusting them to fit your specific needs.

New product development (NPD):

Developing completely new formulations based on your brief or benchmark. In all cases, our goal is to fully understand and turn our client’s wishes into reality.

Private label

Product selection from our existing formulation library and packaging of your choice.

Our way of work

During the development process, we precisely document every step and formulate our recipes in accordance with all legal requirements. Moreover, we are continuously and proactively working on replacing potentially banned materials.

Each recipe is documented in a product information file and has undergone several tests – microbiological and physical stability tests, a compatibility test (both are done in-house) and a challenge test. Should you need any other tests – dermatological, an SPF test or any others – we are able to ensure these in cooperation with one of our partner external laboratories.

Some of the services in the development area

  • Scale-up process
  • Raw material data collection, entry and processing and monitoring their use in compliance with EU legislation
  • An extensive library of active ingredients and raw materials
  • In-house stability and compatibility testing
  • Cooperation with independent external laboratories in case of the need for additional tests e.g. dermatological tests, SPF protection tests,
  • An external safety assessor is available
  • CPNP (Product certification)
  • Creation of a PIF file

Range of products

Face care

Face Creams, Eye Creams, Masks & Cream-gels

from white emulsions, hydrogels, toning creams to peel-off mask.

Make-up Removers, Cleansers, Toners & Micellar waters

it can be anything like emulsions, washing gels, water solutions, peeling or bi-phase removers

Make-up foundations, Toning creams & BB creams formulas

all from light toning to perfect skin cover. Emulsions oil in water as well as water in oil.

Body care & Shower

Body lotions and creams & Body Butters

from light to rich formulas, emulsions oil in water and water in oil.

Hand Creams & Foot Creams, Gels and Peelings
Shower gels and creams, Oils, Hand Soaps & Bath Foams


Face and Body, After Sun & Self-tanning

from SPF 6 to SPF 50, UVA/UVB SPF. Anything from creams, lotions, spray, oils to transparent sprays

If there is some need for your business, small or large, we would love to support you!

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