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We offer tailor-made contract manufacturing and R&D services within cosmetics industry.
For our customers we are able to produce a wide range of products, from skin care, sun care, body care, foundations, and lip balms to medical devices. We would be also happy to consult other options and products with you.



All our products are made in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice for cosmetics (GMP) and we are also ISO
certified company, which ensures a guaranteed high level of quality for products. In addition all our products are continually checked by our own internal laboratories.


In addition to professionalism, we offer both an individualized approach and extreme flexibility, which is a key part of our contract manufacturing service. With our ability to fill various types of bulks into different types of packaging in almost any batch size and by adapting our capacity meet the unique demands of our customers, we’re able to deliver you tailor-made products.


When outsourcing, you need a company with vast experience and extensive knowledge to provide you with professional service and advice in all matters you are unsure about. Should you ever have any questions, we would be happy to offer you support from our qualified specialists.