About Cosmonde

Cooperation with Cosmonde will give you flexibility, safety and opportunity to expand your own business and ideas whilst benefiting from our expertise and service.

From heart of Europe to the world

The very far history of Cosmonde has started in 1960 in Prague as a company of cosmetic production for film studios. Our current team, modern cosmetics expertise and production facility exists in Brno already for 15 years as part of Alphaduct Group.

As already mentioned, Cosmonde has long tradition and wide experiences in producing and developing of cosmetics products. This makes us a long-term partner and your dedicated contract manufacturer.

Develop your ideas with us

The production and R&D activities of Cosmonde are focused on the area of personal care, skin care, sun care, make up foundations, lip balms and medical devices. Our customers are located in Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Greece, UK, Belgium, France and other European countries. But our products can be found worldwide as our customer reach further than European borders.

We are truly committed to contract manufacturing and we are pleased to offer you different dosage forms, various packaging and wide range of additional services. As an example our experienced R&D team can offer you compatibility and stability tests of formulations and other services related to the product development.

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If there is some need for your business, small or large, we would love to support you!

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