Flexible partner in every way

Complex aid in the world of cosmetics through innovative development

Cosmonde offers tailor-made contract manufacturing and R&D services within the cosmetics industry with unique flexibility. We produce everything from skin care, body care, sun care, foundations, and lip balms to medical devices. You may count on our professionalism, enthusiasm, and our ability to create your desired cosmetics product.

Even if not sold under our own name, the products which have been developed by our R&D team are successfully sold worldwide and we would be happy to share our years of expertise with you.

This flexibility, together with our high-quality products and services, are valued by our current customers and we believe that it is our greatest asset.

Cosmonde - paint

What do we offer?

  • R&D services
  • Mixing, filling & packing
  • Testing & documentation

We will gladly help you with everything along the path, from your initial idea to the final product. From developing the formulation to filling it into containers.

Throughout the production cycle, you can benefit from the advantages of our experienced team and flexible production. Whether small or large batch, manual filling or automatic, you can be sure it will always match your individual needs. Flexible, safe and cost-conscious.

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All our products are made in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice for cosmetics (GMP) and we are also ISO certified company, ensuring guaranteed quality of products. Also all our products are continually checked by our internal laboratories.


When outsourcing, you need a company with wide experience and knowledge to provide you with professional service and advice in all matters you are not sure about. In this case we are happy to offer you support of our qualified specialists.


In addition to professionalism, we offer individual approach as well as extensive flexibility, which is a key part of our contract manufacturing service. With our ability to fill various types of bulks to different types of packaging in almost any batch sizes and by adapting our capacity to the unique demands of our customers, we’re able to deliver you tailor made products.